i love toast (illicit_cherub) wrote in nextmonth,
i love toast

Shadow Box

The cover of my first zine:
Shadow Box: Framed Nostalgia

(click to in large)

My first issue is called 'Framed Nostalgia'

Based on the idea of a collective unconscious with memories that we all share and can feel nostalgic toward. Typically 'love' art falls into this, but I've stayed away from that topic. My aim is to present my reader with a refreshed look at the world, one that seems beautiful in the dirt and comforting in the rain.

On page 9-19, I have featured a poem by Anna Brown: "Confessions from a Lonely calm"
Her words bring you to the moments of Saturday Mornings spent in tranquility and calm. A truly inspiring read that i wish to share with you.

I am selling this issue for 2 dollars.
email me (or comment) if you'd like to buy it.


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