Lex Eleven (lexeleven) wrote in nextmonth,
Lex Eleven

The Face - buy and trade

I miss the Face very much. I'm after more old issues, preferably 90s-00s era. I got a lot of them on ebay a while back and when I went to pick them up it turned out I was buying them off the old artistic director! She and her husband had too many so were getting rid of them. I was a little star-struck.

Anway, I've got these duplicates to sell/trade
Vol 3, 29 - Missy Elliot
30 - Star Wars Special Eddition (natalie as Queen A on the cover)
23 - 'The Label is Back' Fashion Special
34 - Guinevere
56 - 'Shine On'

Let me know if you want to know more about what's in those issues.

It might be a bit of a dream but I'd like the McCaully Culkin, Edward Norton, Zombie and McQueen issues very much!
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