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The Face - buy and trade [11 Oct 2010|08:30pm]

I miss the Face very much. I'm after more old issues, preferably 90s-00s era. I got a lot of them on ebay a while back and when I went to pick them up it turned out I was buying them off the old artistic director! She and her husband had too many so were getting rid of them. I was a little star-struck.

Anway, I've got these duplicates to sell/trade
Vol 3, 29 - Missy Elliot
30 - Star Wars Special Eddition (natalie as Queen A on the cover)
23 - 'The Label is Back' Fashion Special
34 - Guinevere
56 - 'Shine On'

Let me know if you want to know more about what's in those issues.

It might be a bit of a dream but I'd like the McCaully Culkin, Edward Norton, Zombie and McQueen issues very much!
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SOURGRAPES: Calling all D.I.Y. kids! [04 Feb 2007|08:53pm]

Hi there,
My name is Sam. I help run a zine called SOURGRAPES ZINE. We're a local zine based in Lexington KY. We focus on teaching kids about D.I.Y. ethics, being posi, and why its important to support local art and music.
I wanted to write not only to introduce our zine to the livejournal zine world! But also to explain our predicament. You see, after a lot of pulling out hair and craziness we've decided to hire on a full-time zine team. We used to be submission based but it was pretty hard on our (then) small team.
So now we're looking for like minded zinesters and punks who support self publication, D.I.Y. ethics, posi beliefs, and who are interested in having some fun creating a great zine and keeping the underground press alive!

We're looking for:

- Columnists
- Interviewers
- Record reviewer **
- Zine reviewers **
- D.I.Y. guide writers **
- Survival guide writers **
- Bike Repair guide writers **
- Cover artists (for upcoming covers)
- Photographers
- Cartoonists (full-time strip)
- Proof readers **
- Printers
- + more!

If you think you could help us out or would like to become apart of our team, we'd love to have you! Write us at SOURGRAPESZINE@GMAIL.COM or through our myspace: http://myspace.com/sourgrapeszine
Once again we are looking for FULL TIME writers/artists (which means we will be interested in your submissions for each issue) were poor and cant pay you but we can offer free ad space, zine copies, zine reviews, and whatever Sam can knit you!



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butt magazine [19 Jul 2006|01:23pm]

Does anyone know how I could order the older editions of Butt Magazine. One can only get newer editions from the website. Please. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
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[26 Jun 2006|03:08pm]


The Pipettes Make Me Want To Wear Polka Dots
Who/What Makes You Want To Wear Polka Dots?

(for discussing pressing issues such as this.)
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[09 Oct 2005|09:26pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

</a></b></a>_shower_scene is a dedicated magazine full of interesting articles and information for your days. Here you will find everything from beauty tips to the hottest action TV shows out there. We will have articles about everything from new and up and coming musicians, to the best CDs every made. We won’t just cover one topic, we will do everything to keep you waiting for the next article to be published. Check here for your recent news updates to keep in tuned with what’s going on around the world. Come back to visit us for our monthly fashion articles to keep your outfits up to date. We will even have articles based on special events/things that you probably would never even know about if it wasn't for us. So, don't go another day without joining </a></b></a>_shower_scene!


The following positions are currently available (for girls and boys):

o1. Fashion editor
o2. News editor
o3. Beauty editor
o4. Special events/things editor
o5. Music editor
o6. TV review editor
o7. Promo manager
o8. Advice Columnist

These positions will go quickly, so don't wait to put in your application! Act now! Please visit </a></b></a>_shower_scene_x, our staff journal, to learn how you can become a member of our staff!
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[29 Jun 2005|08:48am]

does anyone by any luck of chance know terry richardson's contact info?

terryrichardson.com is no longer up...

i could have sworn he had an option for: contact me if you want to model for me...

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Shadow Box [10 Jun 2005|03:11pm]


The cover of my first zine:
Shadow Box: Framed Nostalgia

(click to in large)

preview and infoCollapse )
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[24 May 2005|04:30pm]

Hey guys, check out foto_amateur. It's a community for aspiring fashion photographers, inspired by the lj community foto_decadent.
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[03 May 2005|08:01pm]


+ Printed Professionally
+ Black & White
+ No FUCKING ink stains like other 'zines.
+ High Quality Paper & Gloss Cover
+ Great Design, No Cut In Paste Job Here!
+ DIY by 20 staff members between 15-25
+50 Pages
- Music Interviews
[Bouncing Souls, Thursday, Action Action, The Kinison, ++ ]
[In Color]
- Beauty
- Life Issues
- Advice
- Room Decor
- Fiction
- Book Reviews
- Politics
You can order one for 5 bucks, by commenting on this lj post. This costs us 8 bucks to print each. ----OR you can subscribe and get 6 for 12.

If you live in SOCAL we are looking for a ad manager that we can pay to do our sales.
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[15 Apr 2005|05:50pm]

This community's pretty much dead, I use to be a member on my old journal, but hey, I think we should try and revive it.
These are some pictures from the latest "Another Magazine".
Enjoy, Scarlett xo

Horst Diekgerdes for Another Magazine

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

plus sixCollapse )
(xposted to laceandflora)
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5 full-year magazine subscriptions for only $30 [12 Jan 2005|07:34pm]

There is a great deal going on where you can get 5 magazine subscriptions for $29.95. There are a number of great fashion magazines on the site. This was origionally for just college students, but it is now open to anyone looking for a good deal. Click on the unique link below because it has my little number at the end & I get credit for selling magazines. I bought 5 myself and they have been coming, so it is very legit! The site offers a number of great magazines so get reading!


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